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Graffiti Wall for Glow Party – Both a Craft AND Decoration

One of the simplest, fun, interactive activities to have at your glow party is a Graffiti Wall.  Your guests can all contribute to a large art space which will result in a dynamic, colorful and fun work of collaborative art.  Use it as a “Guest Book” or have kids create a colorful collage.  If you can accommodate it, give each party guest an art board and create an entire black-light art gallery that will act as the decoration for the rest of the party.

This is fun for any age party and is very simple to set up with a few supplies.  You will simply need a black paper, some type of medium, and sufficient black light.

The Black “Canvas”

The best option for your background is black craft paper.  For a large, collaborative space, purchase a large roll of black craft paper.  Find a large space on the wall to hang it.  If it is something you want guests to utilize upon arrival, such as signing their name, locate the paper near the entrance to the party room. The

If you want to use this as a craft, allowing each person to create their own masterpiece, construction paper will be a better option.  Unless your guest list is smaller, this will probably need to be a table-top endeavor.  Set up a dedicated table with plenty of paper and art supplies.  Be sure to plan for time for the art to dry so they can be put on display under black lights.

Use UV Reactant Gaffer Tape to stick your paper to the wall while giving the canvas an eye-popping neon frame.  There are many varieties available.

If possible, set the paper up near a black light that is on so they can paint or draw while their artwork glows.  This is a fun and unique experience no matter what age you are!

ArtKraft Duo-Finish Paper Roll P67304, 48" x 200', Black, 1 Roll
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Art Supplies

There are many media options. The paint or pens you use don’t necessarily have to be “glow in the dark”. Generally, any paints or pens that are labeled flourescent will be UV reactive (show up under the black light). For a kid’s party, a great option is S. This is a washable, non-toxic, and very affordable option. This may be better for table-top applications as the paint can be a bit runny. However, for older painters, it will probably be fine.

Highlighter makers, though they will be virtually invisible on black paper, will create magically-appearing artwork when the black light comes on. Test out different highlighters and colors ahead of time as some may work better than others.

Puffy paints are a great option as they come in a variety of bright colors, are easy to apply, and go on thick. This will be a great option for a wall application.

Other options, probably better suited for older “artists”, include chalk and oil pastels.

Black Light

If you don’t have a black light, the Graffiti Wall will still be fun and look cool. Plus, there are alternatives (see below). However, spending a few dollars will be worth the trouble. There are numerous affordable black light options, one of the most popular being the American Dj 24Blb. This is affordable and versatile.

Graffiti Wall Alternatives

If you love the look of a graffiti wall but either don’t want to go through the trouble or aren’t planning on using a black light, there are kits available to achieve the same affect. This
Neon Birthday Scene Setter Kit
has everything you need, looks awesome, and covers a pretty large area. It comes with 5 different wall coverings that can be placed together or separate.

Another alternative wall decoration is a Tie Dye Gossamer 

Featured Image Photo Credit: Max Pixel

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